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I am using SuperMetrics and I would like to run a query in which I could have the keyword position per day of a date range. 

In SEM Rush there is this graphic that looks like what I am searching for, but I a don't know how to sort out the data in Supermetrics to have the same results per day. 


For the time being, I was able to have this : 


The idea is to select a date range and to have a line per day to create the graphic above.

Could you help me with that ? 

  • Hi Margot,

    Thanks for your question.

    Which query type are you using in this request?

    If you're using a query type that does not have "Date" as an available dimension, then it's unfortunately not possible to get the data split by date. In SEMRush Analytics, there are a couple query types including date field, but only two that also contain "Position". These are "Keyword ads history" and "Domain ads history".

    Best regards,
    Heidi / Supermetrics
  •  The date range is really useful when you need to have statistics per day. I use the same service, however, if I had known that there is no possibility to run the date function, I would have chosen a query with the date dimension...

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