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i'm trying to use a post-level dimensions (i.e. post link clicks) for a score card o for calculated value (i.e. i would calculate total impressions / total post click) 

I know that the post-level dimensions are not able to show aggregate score for the card etc but in another case, when i wanted to show in a score card the number of pubblicated post in a specific time, i found here a work around like this  

COUNT(Post ID)+Comments-Comments

 my question is: do you know same workaround to show "post link click" or others post-level dimensions as a total and use this value for calculated fields?

Thank in advance




When fetching the post_link_clicks metric, you must split by post-level dimensions. 

  • Hi Francesco,

    Thanks for the question! It's actually a very good one.

    To be able to use "Post link clicks" metric on a scorecard, you could for example use some "meaningless" filter. E.g. "Exclude - Post ID - Equal to (=) - Ä". This way you'll be able to include a post-level dimension to the query.

    However your question was also about "other post level dimensions". I'm not quite sure if I understood that part well enough, but I guess you might be able to use this kind of filter tricks combined with calculated field(s).

    All-in-all this is not very sophisticated workaround, but could work.

    Best Regards,

    Heikki / Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heikki, thanks!

    it's work perfectly. I have yet to verify the accuracy of the data but the system error has disappeared. 

    About that "your question was also about "other post level dimensions"

    I meant by my question:  there is a simple workaorund that work for all the post-level dimension to show them as score card? But the most relevant, pending, question is: 

    ok, now i have a trick to show "post like click" as score card but how i can do a simple division like this: "(total)post like click"/"total impressions"??

    My goal is a sort of CTR value that show the conversion rate from impression to click (for assigne a value to the social media production effort in create a traffic to website), also with different values from "impressions" and "post link click" if you have a brilliant alternative :D

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Heikki,

    any news about this question:

    now i have a trick to show "post like click" as score card but how i can do a simple division like this: "(total)post like click"/"total impressions" or "(total)post like click"/"total post pubblished"?

    my goal is to understand if (and how) the post frequency affect impressions and clicks to website

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Frencesco, 

    I figured out how to fix basically any "broken" post-level metric in a scorecard. Use the following formula to create a new field in the data: 


    This will pull the data in for the metric and add it to the sum which doesn't really add any value to the total, but it gives the correct total data for the time period it is given. This pulls in the "dimension" aspect, so that the metric will display in a scorecard. 

    Hope this works as well for you as is has for me,

    Janaye and Jared (my coder brother)

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