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facebook insight: post-level dimension workaround


i'm trying to use a post-level dimensions (i.e. post link clicks) for a score card o for calculated value (i.e. i would calculate total impressions / total post click) 

I know that the post-level dimensions are not able to show aggregate score for the card etc but in another case, when i wanted to show in a score card the number of pubblicated post in a specific time, i found here a work around like this  

COUNT(Post ID)+Comments-Comments

 my question is: do you know same workaround to show "post link click" or others post-level dimensions as a total and use this value for calculated fields?

Thank in advance




When fetching the post_link_clicks metric, you must split by post-level dimensions. 

  • Hi Francesco,

    Thanks for the question! It's actually a very good one.

    To be able to use "Post link clicks" metric on a scorecard, you could for example use some "meaningless" filter. E.g. "Exclude - Post ID - Equal to (=) - Ä". This way you'll be able to include a post-level dimension to the query.

    However your question was also about "other post level dimensions". I'm not quite sure if I understood that part well enough, but I guess you might be able to use this kind of filter tricks combined with calculated field(s).

    All-in-all this is not very sophisticated workaround, but could work.

    Best Regards,

    Heikki / Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heikki, thanks!

    it's work perfectly. I have yet to verify the accuracy of the data but the system error has disappeared. 

    About that "your question was also about "other post level dimensions"

    I meant by my question:  there is a simple workaorund that work for all the post-level dimension to show them as score card? But the most relevant, pending, question is: 

    ok, now i have a trick to show "post like click" as score card but how i can do a simple division like this: "(total)post like click"/"total impressions"??

    My goal is a sort of CTR value that show the conversion rate from impression to click (for assigne a value to the social media production effort in create a traffic to website), also with different values from "impressions" and "post link click" if you have a brilliant alternative :D

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Heikki,

    any news about this question:

    now i have a trick to show "post like click" as score card but how i can do a simple division like this: "(total)post like click"/"total impressions" or "(total)post like click"/"total post pubblished"?

    my goal is to understand if (and how) the post frequency affect impressions and clicks to website

    Thanks in advance


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