What is the Utilities Data Source with PageSpeed Configuration in Google Sheets?

Noticed the Utilities data source with a pagespeed configuration in Google Sheets - what is this pulling from and where does it match up with?

I tried comparing and contrast the data output with Google Page Speed Insights tool and the Lighthouse audit tool results, but found it did not match in the slightest with the results given.

  • Hi Micah,
    ​The Utilities data source are some tools for common SEO tasks. Looks like they had been ported over a long time ago from another tool we used to offer.
    For the "pagespeed" setting specifically, this does appear to be coming from Google's Pagespeed API. It may be an earlier API version though which could explain why the data doesn't match exactly with the current UI. The ruleGroup scores are no longer in the current API version so the calculations are probably different.

    If you think this query is useful, I could put in a request to have someone check and update it to the new API.
    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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