Select custom date for each account

Hello! My query involves multiple accounts, but each of them has its own start date and end date. 

Is it possible to do a single query, in which I can select the date range for each account?

Thanks! Regards.


  • Hi JM,

    Queries only can accept 1 date range, so you cannot define separate ranges for different accounts in the same query. 

    Depending on the data source, you may be able to add the start/end date as a dimension and then pull the data for the full period that includes all the accounts. If the account was only running between it's own start/end date, then the data returned will be only for that period for that account.

    Otherwise, you would have to create separate queries for each account with it's own unique date range. (It's totally fine to put them into the same tab in the sheet, just make sure they don't have overlapping cells).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team

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