LinkedIn Company Page Connector Issue

I am trying to mix LinkedIn Company Page data source "Update Detail" Dimensions like Title and Description with "Share Statistics" metrics like Impressions, Likes and Clicks. The connector doesn't seem to like that and kicks back an error. Is it possible to mix this kind of data so that I can show individual posts with their related performance metrics all in one table? 

  • Hi Patrick,

    No, it's not possible to combine different report types into the same query.  You would have to request them as two separate queries with different data source files (one per query type).

    If there is some shared field between those though that could be used as a join key, then you may be able to use the data blending feature to combine the two data sources into one table.
    Using DS Data Blending Feature With Supermetrics 

    If there's no good shared field though this may not work right. In that case you would have to have separate objects to contain the data points for each query type.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics team
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