Excel Online not getting passed Sign in with Microsoft


I just started the trial for Excel Online and I can't get passed the initial log in part for SuperMetrics. I click to sign in and get stuck in a loop where I cant get any further in the experience. Any help with this issue would be great.



  • Hi Josh,

    Really sorry about the login issue.

    Could you please try to open a private / incognito window, and test the same there? 
    Many times the login loops are due to issues with account detail delivery if there are multiple logins used in the browser.

    If that does not seem to help, please let us know your login email, and we'll investigate further. Creating a private support ticket is a better way to deliver information like that.

    Also just to make sure, here are our support articles for Supermetrics for Excel: https://support.supermetrics.com/support/solutions/19000101410  

    Best regards,
    Heidi / Supermetrics
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