Google Analytics split by page path against segment from GA. Same source, different outcome.

I have two different Querries, where however overall the same should come out.

I want to check the former on my blog pages.

The KPI in both queries is ENTRIES.

In one of them I divided into PAGE PATH and then used a SUMIFS(Page Path, "*/blog/*") to get the sums of all ENTRIES for my blog pages.

In the other one I used a segment from GA in which I use LANDINGPAGE CONTAINS /blog/. 

Now different values come out, but in my opinion, I should get the same values.

Can someone explain to me why these values differ?

Or if deviations can be explained, which of the values is the more exact one? 

I am sorry that i cant attach a file.

Thank you in advance 

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  • Hi Yannik,

    Please see this guide that covers several causes of discrepancies in Google Analytics - sampling is a common culprit in these cases:
    Discrepancies in Google Analytics Results

    Also be aware that the order of processing differs on segments versus filters, so it could be the results pool is actually different between those and they won't match up.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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