Abs Top impression share available form API - Can we get it?

Hi Supermetrics,

It looks like top impression share and absolute top impression share are both avaiable for Google ads now. Do you know if there are plans to incorporate? Really important metrics as avg. position is becoming less relevant.

I found in

listed as:



Many thanks.

  • These metrics are added on to our development pipeline. We'll let Google Ads data source users know when these are available in the connector.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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  • We really need this feature ASAP, Google is sunsetting Avg Pos in September and we only have a few months to prepare with the new metrics... the new metrics being Abs. Top Impression Share, Top Impression Share.

  • Super important/urgent feature, please add ASAP.

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  •  Yes, please add it !!!

    We need it...

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  • I also need it.

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  • This shows marked as solved but I donʻt see it yet in metrics?

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  • We needed this last month to prepare, now we barely have weeks until the sunset of avg. position.  What is the word on this? Is it in the pipeline? Are we going to get it before next month when it becomes absolutely necessary?

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  • These metrics are marked for development on our next sprint, meaning that they are coming available within 8 weeks. Terribly sorry to keep you waiting. 

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    -Supermetrics Team

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  • Will these be available for the Data Studio Connector at the same release date?

  • Yes. In all Supermetrics products when the update happens.

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  • I just got the notification that this was included. Thank you, Jouni and the rest of the Supermetrics team!

    If anyone wants to discuss using these metrics in place of average position, please reach out on LinkedIn!


    Michael Gaman

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  • Is anyone else having problems using the new metrics? Query failed: Incompatible fields

  • To understand incompatible fields issue, please visit this article:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • The Supermetrics blog has an article on August 22, titled Google Ads is removing average position: Here's what it means for your PPC campaigns (and why it's a good thing) where it is said "Pay attention to these new metrics mentioned above that reflect the placement of your Google Ads in the SERPs."

    Ok, I'd love to, but almost a month after this article is published it's not working at the ad group and keyword level.

    I understand how it must sound, "the error is wrong." However, I'm certain that these metrics should work when segmented by Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword; with links to Google Ads API documentation:

    I'm getting the error on Ad Group and Keyword segments, not campaign segments.

    The article closes with "These new metrics are available in Supermetrics so if you were tracking average position, you can use these instead." Did Tina Arnoldi test this metric in the Supermetrics for Google Sheets Add-on?

     I can't be the only one trying to pull TopIS data from a keyword level. So am I the only one having this issue?  It wouldn't seem so, because I've seen two Supermetrics subscriptions, mine and a client, and both have this issue. 

    I have a support ticket from two weeks ago, September 3, reporting this issue and I haven't heard anything except an acknowledgment that I'm not the only one.

    I'm looking for solutions because the sunset of average position is happening in 13 days. Is it working as at keyword and adgroup level in other sources? Excel? API? DataStudio?

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