FB offline conversions error

Hi, I’m having trouble seeing the correct offline purchases on Data Studio with the Facebook Ads connector.

These are the names of my custom conversions on the FB interface (first image below)



I created a score card with “Offline Purchases”, I get 202 and for the same date range up to yesterday I get 377 in the Ads Manager interface. I see similar discrepancies with “Offline Leads” where the interface shows more.

I found this https://support.supermetrics.com/support/discussions/topics/19000023587 and made a similar filter (see second image below):

I changed the card metric to “Actions” and created filters to try to get the offline purchases only.

I selected “Action type” and then “Action type (with custom conv. IDs)” and I get “No data” for “offline purchases” or “offline_conversions”



Interestingly enough, if I change the Contains to : “purchase”, I get the same 202. If I change it to “offline” I get 3,636. I get no data for “Purchases”.


Any idea how I can fix this?




  • Hi Luis,

    That topic's information is a bit out-dated. Please see this new guide for how to properly obtain custom conversions, including examples of setup for the popular products:

    Also keep in mind that Website Purchases, Purchases, Offline Purchases and a custom conversion containing "Purchases" in the name all use totally different metrics in our tool. So please make sure you are using the right one for what you need (else you will be comparing apples to oranges, so to speak, and they won't align).  In your example Offline purchases is only for data that you uploaded into Facebook from an external source (NOT a pixel event), so unless you are using that feature, it won't match any data from the standard pixel event for "Website Purchases" or a custom conversion.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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