Engagement Rate on Facebook - numbers


our company is using different metrics to analyze the ongoing campaigns on Datastudio.

One of the metrics is the engagement rate.

I wanted to ask which of the KPIs are used to calculate this metric.

In the metric list for Facebook Insights the Engagement Rate is listed as "% of reached people who clicked". I would need the numbers that are put in relation in order to explain it also to other colleagues.

Thank you in advance

  • Hi Filippo,

    The Engagement Rate metric is a custom calculated metric we offer and the formula used for it is:
    (page_engaged_users/page_impressions_unique) * 100

    You can find the corresponding metric descriptions from the Facebook API documentation here :

    Best regards,
    Nebiat Ibssa

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 
    Support forum:
  • Hi, does this number include paid, or is it only calculating organic traffic?

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