action_type in each key dimension

There has an action_type dimension in FBADS_CONVERSION_ dataset but there don't have in FBADS_AD_, FBADS_AGE_GENDER,_ and FBADS_GEO_ so I cannot breakdown action_type by age, gender, impression_device, publisher_platform, platform_position and region.

Does any one has a work around solution on this ?

Or supermetrics have to include an action_type dimension in each dataset ?

  • Hi Chanchai,

    The main issue is that the Facebook Marketing API doesn't let you normally fetch those action_types in the same query as demographics (or really much else either) so we cannot put them in the same data table.

    There is a work around in our other products which is to do two queries that both contain a join key, like campaign ID or Ad Set ID, and then use that to pull the data together. 

    If you are using standard conversions (aka actions) you CAN pull those as their own fields in the Campaign or Ad tables and join that on the Campaign ID field in the Geo or Age_gender tables. 

    If you are using custom conversions, you can do the same but also need to filter on the Action_type conversion ID (see this article for more details though it has no specific example for BQ in it right now - How to Query for Facebook Ads Custom Conversions).

    I hope this helps.

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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