Facebook Ads only showing ads with data

Upon fetching the Facebook Ad Sets' Spend metric over say 30 days, the results only include those Ad Sets that spend money over the past 30 days. But, we would like to also see a list other Ad Sets in the account, even though they had 0 spending. Is this possible? Thanks!

  • Hi,
    The Facebook API will only return active objects from the date range set for the query. So if the ads/ad sets/campaigns are not active, they will not appear in the results. But if they were active during the date range, they will show up (even if currently marked as "INACTIVE" in the Ad Manager for today's current state).

    So if you can adjust the date range to include when those were active, they should appear in the results. If they were never active or had been deleted, they won't appear in the results and you cannot make them appear.

    I hope this helps. ​
    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team