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Facebook Ads Platform Data Not The Same as Data Studio

Hi there.  I've connected a client's Facebook Ads account via Supermetrics and  for a given date range the FB interface says that the spend was £16,057.05 while the 'social spend' metric in Data Studio is only £15,919.09.

There is also a discrepancy between the Facebook Ads connector into Data Studio and the Sheets version, where some link clicks in DS have their spend attributed to destination URLs within Facebook (videos) while in the Sheets version of this data only external links with correct UTM parameters are present.

If you could take a look of this that would be great, I'd be happy to share access to the reports if that would help.



  • Hi Joanna,

    Please check these two articles as these are the most common reasons for discrepancies in Facebook Ads data:
    Discrepancies in Data Studio When Using a Filter
    Facebook Ads Discrepancies Due to Conversion Windows

    If you check those and they do not reveal the cause of the issue, then please submit a private ticket with the following information:

    For us to investigate this, please complete these steps:

    1. Fill in the form in Team Management to grant us permission to your file and query data. Directions for how to do this are here: Granting Permission for Data Access to Support (If you have done this before, please let us know)

    2. Give a temporary edit access to the Data Studio dashboard

    3. Send us a link to that Data Studio dashboard as a reply to this email

    4. Describe to us, which graph/query is it about. 

    5. Take screenshot(s) of the results you see in original data source tools that you should get with Supermetrics and add them to your reply.

    6. Note that you already checked the other two articles so we don't ask you to check again!

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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