GA Segments - Not listed in Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Since a couple of weeks I've had some issues with segments that I created in Google Analytics but which were not listed in the sidebar when I creating a query to fetch data.

Sometimes they become only available after a couple of days, some just never seem to appear (or at least too late to be useful)... I figured a delay of a couple of hours might always be possible but a couple of days is really too long.

Thanks for the input.

  • Hi Vincent,

    We may cache the account data settings for performance reasons and it may take time for it to clear on its own. You can reset it manually though if you need to use them right away.
    Please see this guide for how to force refresh the account data, as this usually causes missing segments to appear:
    Not All Accounts/Segments/Custom Fields/Labels Are Showing in the Product

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team