Pull Synced Audience by Campaign in Adroll into Data Studio


We cant seem to find how we would pull Adroll's totals for the Synced/Connected Audience (per Campaign), into Data Studio.

We connect to Adroll using the Supermetrics connector. 

Select the 'account' as a parameter in the data connector. 

Create a table with Campaign as the Dimension.

And the only audience-related fields we have access to are 'Audience total size', 'Audience new size' and 'Audience current size'. 

None of these correlate to the actual Connected or Synced Audience numbers in the actual account.

Please could you help us?



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  • Hi Vauneen,

    thanks for your question. I believe you should get the audiences connected to a campaign by adding the "Audience type" dimension to your query. Based on what you see as a result for that dimension, you can also filter your results by the audience type. 

    Hope this gets you forward. If not, please get back with a screenshot from Adroll indicating the view that you'd like to get with Supermetrics. Thanks!


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Thanks Heidi

    Audience Type doesnt relate to the metric we need.

    We need the sum total of the number of 'users' in the multiple audience lists we've uploaded into Adroll and Synced with this account in Adroll. Please see screenshot.

    But the metric we really need is Reach (unique people within Impressions) We thought our uploaded audiences (assigned to the campaign) would give is a close match to Reach. But is there maybe a better way we could pull a metric like Reach from Adroll?

    Thanks again,


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