Linkedin Ads - Full overview

Hi there,

Use case: Combine advertising data from Linkedin, Facebook, Google Ads

Required breakdown: By country, by campaign, by subcampaign (Ad set or campaigns...)

I've had little to no hassle getting FB and Google up and running. Linkedin is a nuisanse as stated in this help article, but I would merge two queries if I could just understand... how.

What I want: 

1) Export Linkedin ads data (cost, impressions, clicks) with accompanying campaign information. -> this is no problem

2) Add a breakdown per country (Member country??) to stitch together with accompanying campaign info (eg. in campaign X, the number of impressions is Y in USA, YZ in France, YXY in Italy...)

Like I said, I have no problem of using multiple API calls to stitch them together. 

Have you been able to do something like this in your day-to-day?

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