Customize Facebook Ads queries in Supermetrics for Google Big Query

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I know the release of Supermetrics for Google Big Query was just done today, but as this could really save us a hell lot of work, I already have some questions after trying and testing it this morning. 

At the moment, when pulling the data from a Facebook Account, the only things that I can choose is the Account and an option called "conversion window". Is there any possibility of choosing metrics, splits, filters, etc. as it is in supermetrics for Google Sheets that I'm missing out?

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As there is no Sub-Forum for Big Query, yet, I post this to miscellaneous. 

  • Hi Samuel,

    For ease of use, we have pre-set the field selections for you as part of the transfer schemas, and you can do the filtering and specific field selection with your SQL query to those objects (or in your visualization tool of choice). The full list of what we provide in the data tables is listed here:

    At this time, there is currently no way to customize the field selection for the transfer itself, but if you see something you need is missing, please let us know. If enough people ask about it, we can try to put it in.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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