Instagram Insights constantly not working

Instagram Insights connector is constantly buggy. One minute it works, and the next I keep encountering the issue below. Have already tried reconnecting the data connector and still face the same issue. Please advise. 

* * *

There was an error caused by the community connector. Please report the issue to the provider of this community connector if this issue persists.

Connector details

You need to reauthenticate at with data source user 1225463927606885 and then rerun this query. Error: Instagram Insights failure (Error validating access token: Session has expired on Thursday, 04-Apr-19 16:15:27 PDT. The current time is Sunday, 07-Apr-19 17:10:23 PDT.) (Supermetrics request ID: A3wb3eXWMGk7Sc3N8SUqBkvmMJzYAEqc).

Error ID: 03d342f7

  • Agreed. Anything to know about to fix these seemingly random errors? I have a dashboard looking at engagement totals for the past 7 days that show all 7 days with data and then the next day all 7 days say 0 data.... I use the connector that goes straight from instagram to data studio

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