Data Blending (GA, Facebook, Google)

Hi, am trying to blend data from GA, Facebook and Google. Basically to compare my GA conversions with FB and Google spend. 

I joined at the date level to blend the 3 data sources. But, as I have a few countries under me, there seems to be issue with filtering. I can filter for GA - country, FB - country, but when it comes to Google - country, there's nothing shown whenever I follow this sequence.

Could I be missing out something? Or should I be joining at the country level as well? Please help.

  • Hi Yang,

    Thanks for your question.

    Yes, you would need to join also on Country level, but I'm afraid that these connectors respond differently when fetching the Country data. This is why you'd then see 'null' results for some of the data sources, as the blend is not able to align the Country results between the sources. Some sources return the country code plainly, and some other the full country name.

    We recommend you to user the Supermetrics Ad Data + Google Analytics blending connector to achieve the report you need.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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