Facebook Insights unable to pull in data

3 March 2019

I'm trying to pull in data from Facebook Insights to Supermetrics but is doensn't show. The data I'm trying to pull in is 'Total Reach', 'Total Impressions' and 'Total Engagement'. The data for 'Total Page Likes' does show. This means I am using the right data source. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Please help! :)

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  •  I have the same issue. 


  • Hi Matt,

    I've read that this is an issue a lot of people have. It think it is an issue with Supermetrics and not your fault.

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  • Hi,

    Facebook is having issues and it also affects Supermetrics usage. This concerns several fields such as reach/impressions-based and post-level metrics. You can read more for example from here: 

    Unfortunately it appears that there’s nothing we can do at this point to work around the problem. We are waiting for Facebook to fix it, or at least an update from their end. 
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,

    Team Supermetrics

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