Can get data from Facebook Insights any more

Hi, for some reason I can't get any more results from Supermetrics Facebook Insights :

"Total Likes works" fine but : 


- "Total reach" is not working any more

- Same with "Total impressions"

- Same with "Engaged users"

- Same with "Page post engagements".

- Same with "Engaged users".

I tried with few different pages and same probleme ever.


Guys what is going on ? PLease help ! 

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  • Same here! Please fix!!!

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  • Having the same issue.

  • Me too. please fix. organic reach and other metrics not being pulled

  • Same here... Any statement from supermetrics yet?

  • Same problem here also

  • Same problem here. Please help asap. 

  • Following - gender breakdown on total likes seem to not work either.

  • Any answer? My insights doesn' work!

  • Has there been any word on this? Am I missing it? This is sort of a huge thing here. None of our client reports are syncying. Big issue. 

  •  Big issue. Following.

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  • Hi,

    We have discovered two issues with Facebook. Both are described in the article mentioned above.

    Both cases appear to be issues in the Facebook API so we have reported the cases to Facebook development and are waiting for resolution from them.

    We will update the article once both issues have been resolved and we have confirmed the connectors work. Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team

  • Same problem! I am waiting for the urgent solution

  • Hello everyone,

    It looks like solved to me. Solved?

    Have a great week.

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