Querying metrics of certain URLs (GSC)

I have a list of URLs and want get Search Console metrics (like clicks) to each URL. I suppose, there could be a function like 




where A2 is the cell with URL, than the date gap for the query, and the metric.

Could somebody point me to how i achieve this lkind of querying?

  • Hi Evgeniy,

    Thanks for your question.

    The function approach is probably not something we could do, but here below is how I imagine you could set multiple url's through the Supermetrics sidebar in Google Sheets, to fetch metrics of choice and break it down by the url.


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Hello Heidi! I maybe ambiguously formulated, what i'm looking for:

    in your example user should select a site (on the screenshot - multiple sites) and get from search console through Supermetrics a list of urls with their corresponding metrics.

    Selecting one or multiple sites is not a problem. What i'm looking for is the querying into "another direction": 

    I have a list of urls from the site, where i generally have administration access to the search console property. And i want to get metrics to every url from the list - i don't need metrics t urls, which are not on my list. Thats the thing. Could you point me into the direction, how i get metrics to certain url?

  • Hi Evgeniy,

    Thanks for getting back.

    I see. Would it work if you set these URLs as filters on the query? I'm sorry but I'm not completely sure how you wish to see it. But if filtering by the URL sounds like a solution, here's an example:

    Hope that gets you in the right direction.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Would it work if you set these URLs as filters on the query? 

    Absolutely! But how can i establish a filter based on the content of a table cell? Specially if i need as many filters, as i have urls in the list?

  • Aha, i see on your screenshot, how you create a filter. 

    Is it possible to make a filter anyhow like this `Full URL → contains → (A2|A3|A4)` ?

  • Hey,

    You can make a cell reference from within a filter's value field (=A1 for example), but the cell can only contain one filter value (url) at a time. So this means that you'll either need multiple filters or multiple queries. If you have a lot of URLs that you need to filter, the I suggest splitting them into multiple queries to avoid timeouts during a data fetch.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • but the cell can only contain one filter value (url) at a time

    I suspected it :(:( 

    Ok, is it maybe possible to import filter? Like anything as JSON/XML/Cut&Paste?

  • Now that I think about it, you could indeed do a regex in the filter that could work best for you. This is a bit of trial and error, if you can give it a go and post about how it went, would be great!


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Well, ok, we did a substantial move further:) There are two things remaining, before i run into RegEx:

    1. Could you point me to how can i combine cell referencing in the RegEx filter?
    2. Is it possible to import filter settings?

  • 1. As long as the cell you refer to contains a regex, it should be ok.

    2. How do you mean you wish to import the filters? From one sheet to another? Sorry, I don't think there are options for importing.


  • 1. I already got it to work, if i combine in a filter cell values, like Full URL  → matches RegEx → Value_1|Value_n . If i setup the filter to the cell reference (a1), so it works for me only with the single reference, like you mentioned, =A1. 

    What is the correct syntax to chain multiple cell references?

    2. I think, the kind of import settings could be to use function with parameters, where the filter parameter would be anything like `[{"field":"page","operator":"=~","value":"(41|47)","combineToPrev":";"}]`

  • Yes, this is a good idea: if you mean, it would help other users, i would with pleasure write a kind of How To about querying a list of certain urls. 

  • Hey,

    Thanks for testing it out. I believe we're getting closer to a solution.

    The filter value field can only take in one cell reference unfortunately. But you could work around this by using a combining cell, to put the URLs together as a regex.

    Here's what I just tested. I had to use the A2 cell for url merging, as otherwise the value can't be put into the filter.

    And if you you'd like to get the same in SupermetricsQueries parameters format, this is it:


  • Hey!

    I want to bump this thread because i run into substantial problem with this solution:

    I have to filter 3.000 URLs to get stats from GSC only for them. I tried to add firstly the "normal" filter through query management tab - there i've got an error, that the cell content my not be higher then 50.000 characters.

    Then I found this solution, with help cell and RegEx. My filter there was 29.245 characters long. But there i've got an error from Google Sheets without any expaination and with an offer to send a bug report. The error rises just after i paste the filter into A2, as on screenshot.

    Is there any way to establish such big filters? Maybe split to multiple cells and concatenate then?

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