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YouTube Connection

Hi all - I am in my first week of using Supermetrics as we are bringing on a new BI platform and I needed a connector.  I am having to learn as I go here, but am having major issues getting any connection with YouTube to successfully query.  When I press "Get Data to Table" within Google Sheets, i receive a message that says, "Your YouTube authentication needs to be renewed, please log in here" and that I need to rerun the query when I log in as a series of numbers and letters mixed between upper case and lower case...for example, UCxN9r5FsL0pUC9c3n1XCR.  We run YouTube ads for a variety of clients, and as such have a variety of clients set up within YouTube, but the login is always the same, so I have no idea what the issue is.  I have also seen something about Tokens, which I do not know what those are.  I have a Super Pro license because I need to be able to connect with Google Display & Video 360, so cannot imagine that I have an elevated plan and would need to purchase something else on top of it (i.e. a token) to connect with YouTube.  

Please help...this is becoming a major point of stress as I am supposed to kickoff with the new BI platform tomorrow and I currently cannot connect one of my major sources of data.

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