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I have been following some threads about the HubSpot connector were as late as February 7th the estimate was before end of February. As February has come to an end I just wanted to ensure that I am not missing where to find the connector.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    For the date field for Deals - currently "Date" pulls the closed date for the deal. This is redundant with "Deal closed date", as the change to make it use date (as it was easier to understand) was made late in the process. There may be some adjustments to this later, but as of now "Date" when used with deals is the closed date.

    For the number of deals - I believe we only import once a day, so if a deal was added or changed state after the daily import, it would not be included/updated until the next day. The date field may be used when determining what to fetch based on the date range and we can't usually fetch future dates, so it may not be possible to get those (if this is a big problem, let us know as we can check if we need to change the behavior if its common to mark deals as closed in the future). Maybe try the "Deal created date" field instead to try to capture other existing deals in other states.

    If you feel there are still discrepancies though, please submit a private ticket so we can investigate:

    For "Deal stage" and "Deal pipeline", I would expect those to be the ID of the stage (this is very common for APIs to store them as IDs instead of their names since people can customize them). I don't know if we can get the labels or not, so I'll put in a feature request. As a workaround you can use CASE to replace the IDs with their real labels to use them in Data Studio:

    I'm going to lock this thread as the original question has been answered and we don't want this getting bogged down with usage and troubleshooting questions. Please start a new thread in the forum if you have additional questions or submit a private ticket if you have a technical issue with the connector.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team