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I have a bunch of google sheet tabs containing queries I don't need anymore (many of which have multiple queries): what's the quickest way to delete? Can I simply delete those tabs without deleting all the queries contained in them? or would that interfere w/Supermetrics the next time I'm refreshing all? 

  • Hi Shannon,

    If you just delete the tab, it will not delete the queries but orphan them. So you need to remove the query configuration first.

    The quickest way is to open the SupermetricsQueries tab (if hidden, click Add-ons->Supermetrics->Manage queries). Then find the rows that apply to the tabs you don't need - the "Sheet name" and "Range address" columns will tell you were the query is located. Delete the full row for every query on that tab. Then delete the tab as final clean up.

    I hope this helps!

    ​-Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
  • Once doing the steps detailed above, will the data that has already been pulled in stay? Or will deleting the queries also delete the data?

  • Hi Christina,

    The above steps do not remove the data, it will stay until you manually delete the data.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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