Disparity between Instagram Engagement, Like count and Comment count metrics

I've been measuring up the sum of like count and comment count against engagement (which is supposed to be just that -  the sum of comments and likes) and I've been getting wildly different numbers.

My hypothesis is that like and comment count might ignore events related to media objects that were not available during the select timeframe, whereas Engagament my take thouse into account.

Anyone know if this is correct or have any other explanation for this disparity?

  • Hi,

    I did a simple test with media objects and the numbers appear to align. 
    These values are lifetime totals so they don't change with the date settings for the object. If you are just fetching 
    them as totals for the account, they will adjust based on what media objects were existing in the date range.

    Are you mixing object types (like summing likes for photo/video, carousel, and stories)? Are you using filters on the data (Data Studio specifically has issues with this for some metrics - Summary Row Shows Wrong Values When Using a Filter).

    If you can provide more specifics about your setup, we can check into it.

    ​-Thank you 
    Supermetrics Team
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