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Amazon Seller data?


I'm currently user of a Pro license of Supermetrics but I need to extract data from Amazon Seller to Data Studio.

Does the Super Pro plan include this data source?


  • I have the same question does this only work for amazon ads data and not for pulling the data from business reports?

  • Hi,

    You are correct, Super Pro licence includes Amazon as a data source for Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, but it's for Amazon Vendor Central only. Supermetrics will have a Amazon Seller Central Connector at some point. Please note, that Vendor Central and Seller Central have some common metrics, so you can already get partial data from Seller Central. You can find a full list of the data sources here and a full list of Amazon Vendor Central metrics and dimensions here.

    If you're interested to upgrade to Super Pro, here's instructions on how you can get that easily done:

    How can I upgrade my license from Pro to Super Pro level?

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team

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  •  When will the Seller Central Connector go live?

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  • We're also very keen to have a Seller Central integration so we can pull daily revenue and ad metrics

  • Hi All,

    Due to the ongoing issues we've been having with Amazon disallowing us to use their API (see this article for the start of the problems back in March 2019), the Seller Central connector we were originally working on is on indefinite hold. Until we can get into Amazon's good graces again, we will simply be unable to support this.

    If you want to try to use the existing Vendor Central connector we still offer as invitation-only, please send us a private ticket so we can give you the instructions directly how to set that up.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team