Filter by data periods


I need your help :)

Tell me please, Can I create filter for users (I mean, that would sort data by different time periods (days, weeks, months). For example:

 - if user choose Months, he watch data sort by months (for example

- if user choose Day, he watch data sort by day (for example

I know, how it make - when I create report, but can I make this filter fo users?

Thank you ^)

  • Hi Марія,

    It's not possible to do this, as the user would need to actually edit the report file to change the dimension the graph is using. It's not something you can "filter" on as it's a specific field choice that drives this.

    You could add all versions of this chart to the report (one chart split by month, one chart split by date) and allow the user then to adjust the date range they want to see with the standard date range filter.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

  • Thank you for answer :)