Issue with changes to metrics for FB and TW and new limits on Post download volumes?

Logging back into the SM for Google Sheets after the Christmas break I have noticed some changes to various query builder options (such as metrics now only in the 'spit by' option), but most importantly, I seem to only be able to download 250 posts, no matter how big I make the 'rows' number.

Is this a bug or a change in the tool? I have not seen or found any announcement about the changes to the metrics and post volume limits, so it's quite annoying as need to do a 2018 review and cannot pull all the data! :-(

Any help appreciated.

  • Hi!

    We totally overhauled the Sheets versions of the "Simple" connectors so we could run them in the backend, like how the Data Studio versions of those connectors work. This is to let us have logging on those, allow for a more unified experience between products, and give us more room in the future to adjust them. This changed a variety things about how they are set up and in the case of restrictions, we set the limits to the same DS versions to improve performance and preserve quota.

    A list of most of the changes made are here:

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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