Blended Data - Summing Data between FB Integrations

I'm not sure if this is possible but would love to find out if possible!

I have three different FB Ad Accounts that I want to combine together into one data point within Google Data Studio. WIthin each of the FB Ad Accounts, there are Campaigns with the same name (Community). I'd like to get one data point that combines the spend of all of those Community between each ad account. Below is what I've done so far...

First - I blended the data to include each of the FB Ad Accounts I want to bring in - using the campaign name and Day of week as join keys

Second - I added a filter to the table to only include the Community campaigns. 

Third - Choosing the metric I can only the spend of one of the campaigns - I'd like to get all combined

I'm sure I'm not doing this correctly but am I close? I feel as if I'm missing a step to "combine the data" but even if I place it to a table - I still get the No Data error. Any help is appreciated

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