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Google sheets - Facebook Age and Gender not working


I'm trying to pull metrics into a google sheet that has a lot of other field, however getting an error message when trying to pull age/gender breakdowns through. 

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message.

    Unfortunately Facebook API has some limitations in terms of field combinations. Please try modifying the dimension selections to find a working combination. Age and gender can only be fetched in combination with demographics data fields, as they represent a breakdown of user reactions.

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  • What are the demographics data fields?

  • Actually, I told you an odd topic. because I faced that problem when I used windows10, and when I try to do it in chrome browser then automatically shut off the tab. So I found the solution also. I have taken the solutions from  Windows update error code 8007000e , so if you interested to take any kind of solutions then just browse it.

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