DataStudio: JSON Connector showing some issues with date control within dashboards

Hi there,

I've now been using your JSON-LD community connector for a couple of weeks and am pretty satisfied, however after I had to reconnect to my datasource today, I have started having issues with the date control.

Even though the API response returns a date that is compliant with the YYYYMMDD format and is recognised correctly as Date Field, the date control filter within the dashboard does not take effect. Result is that I always get 100% of the data (no matter what date range has been selected).
When exporting the DS table to a Google Sheet and using as DataSource, the problem gets resolved, but is not a permanent solution in my case. Screenshot of DS setup: 

Has anyone experienced this and/or has a solution?

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  • I've experienced this issue and was looking for a solution when I came across this, would be helpful to know as I am getting 100% of the data despite changing date filters and even though there is a date feature as part of the JSON data source it has no influence over date filtration

  • Hi, I have the same issue. Any solution there? Thanks

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