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Where is the Twitter Analytics Connector ?

I am trying to create a dashboard for Twitter Analytics. I can use the Twitter Public Data connector and pull some data but, nothing like reach, engagement and other more useful metrics.

Is there a Twitter Analytics Connector available in Beta? Is it in development at all?

This is critical. Anyone else having any success with this?



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  • Hi Heidi,

    any further update on this please?

    Many thanks!


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  • Hey all, 

    Must say that the communication on this one is very shoddy. 

    Appreciate there's a lot going on and competing priorities but if rough timelines are provided that then inform your subscribers plans (in our case - client conversations), going dark for a month after the estimated delivery date is unhelpful to say the least. 

    Not really able to walk the talk of 'all marketing metrics in one place' without twitter analytics

    Any update (good or bad) would be really appreciated.



  • Hey guys,

    Not an admin but I did get to speak to Jouni Hyötylä from Customer Service about a few issues on my account last week, this was one of them. Apparently this is in testing, he anticipates it going live towards the end of September (6 weeks or so). Not sure how set in stone that is, but they're aware of how in-demand this plugin is and are working to get it sorted.

    Appreciate this is probably another "soon", but this is the first date I've seen (rather than just "it's coming") so hopefully it's imminent. 

  • Hi there!

    Yes, as Callum kindly wrote to this thread as well, we are indeed in the middle of testing for Twitter Insights connector. Our best educated guess at the moment is indeed within 6 weeks, but please do understand that we always release steadily working connectors and therefore if we see in the testing phase that something still needs to be fixed, we of course do that before the official release.

    Do want to apologise for the long delay, but as they say: good things are worth the wait. :)

    Best regards,

    -Jouni / Supermetrics Team

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  • Pease guys, let me know when it is working ! Badly needed ! 

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  • @Jouni: any news on this please? :)

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  • Anything further please Supermetrics team? 

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  • Is there an update?

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  • I'm also interested to know when it will be available.

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  • Any update on this at all?

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  • Any update on this. I'd love to have this feature.

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  • Hi everyone! Our Twitter Premium connector is now available in early access testing for Google Sheets and Data Studio.

    You can find Data Studio connector from this link:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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