Possible to download public Facebook posts from a local market-only page?

I am looking to download posts from a US-only page (when I'm based in the UK so cannot see them) and wondered if this is possible with the software or not?

I would have thought SM might have a work-around but wanting to check! Open to alternative means too!



  • Hi Simon,

    The Public Data API for Facebook doesn't let you see pages that are region-specific or for 'adult content' (like alcohol company pages). As noted in this guide, you can make them accessable by removing their region-specific settings (but this naturally requires admin access or a connection to the page admin so they can do it for you):

    Alternatively, if you have admin rights to the page, you can use the Facebook Insights connector instead as it can get around this limitations of the public API.

    If you are unable to have them remove the region settings or don't have admin access, then it is not possible to see the content for this page unfortunately with the connector.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team

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