Linked In Company Pages Aggregation of "Followers"


My objective is to have a LinkedIn dashboard which shows the number of followers at the end of a selected month along with a few other metrics like likes, clicks, impressions etc.

I have noticed that the metric "Followers" in the LinkedIn Company Pages connector is a running total metric, but connecting it to DataStudio via Supermetrics is forcing it to sum the running total over the time period we set our report for.  For example, if we set our report timespan to last 7 days, the number reported is about 7 times too high.

I have tried to change the aggregation in Data Studio to "Max" (my preferred) and average (acceptable) but both still sum the metric across the timespan.  The only difference is if I select "Count" or Count Distinct" which show "1" instead.  

I have changed the aggregation in the data source set up, I have also changes it in the metric set up in the report.  I have also tried setting the running calculation to running average or running max, but to no avail.

Do you have any suggestions?


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  • I am trying to calculate links, comment, reaction, shares and follower rate on data studios but it's not allowing me to do so. 

    Have any advice


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