FB Insights Metrics changed

Anybody seeing bunch of FB metrics showing up wrong on google sheet? I'm noticing page level "total likes" no longer showing accumulate for the date, and also all the video views (total/org/paid) are showing up wonky as well.

  • Hi Bryan,

    I had another user report something similar, but when I checked on it in debug later in the day today, it ran fine. I'm not sure if this was a temporary glitch or something related to running the query with the trigger system, but it appears resolved.

    Please manually run the query now to check if this has been addressed for you as well. If it works and you are using the scheduled refresh trigger system, please watch the query to see if it reverts back to the incorrect values after the trigger has run. If either the manual or triggered update still results in the wrong values, please let me know and I will send a private request for the additional information we need to investigate it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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