Facebook Insights / DataStudio: Can't add new Facebook Pages

Hi there,

We used the Facebook Insights DataStudio Connector to setup a Facebook Insights report before I realised you had to have access to the Page via actual Facebook and not just Business Manager. 

I now have full Admin access to the Facebook Page via actual Facebook but I cannot seem to get the Facebook Page to appear in the list of available Facebook Pages. 

I've tried logging out of Facebook, deleting the Data Source, even disconnecting the entire Connector from our account but I can't get this new Facebook page to appear in the list. I have 20-odd pages that are appearing and the for which the connector works perfectly. I just can't seem to get this new page added to the list. 


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  • Having the same issue.  Supermetrics what's the solution?

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  • I am also having this issue.

  • Has this found any solution?

  • I have the same problem, I get a message "This action is not supported if you have logged into multiple consumer accounts or from the same domain. Please log out and try again." I already did everything and I can't connect it.

  • Basta digitar uma guia anônima que resolva o problema
  • Just enter an incognito tab that solves the problem

  • Same problem here, I tried in the incognito tab but that doesn't help.

  • I have this issue ALL THE TIME, not just with Facebook but with ANY previously connected user account where you didn't add all of the managed pages/accounts/channels, i.e. adding new YouTube channels, Facebook pages, anything.  Since SuperMetrics for some reason refuses to answer anyone about these issues, here's the solution for Facebook.

    1. Open an incognito window.

    2. Create a new data source in Data Studio.

    3.  Click the link to add more/manage users.

    4.  Remove ALL users from the Supermetrics user management page.


    6. Open a NEW incognito window.

    7. Create a new data source.

    8. Log into Facebook when prompted.

    9. After signing in again, you'll get the option to continue as your user, OR "Edit Settings."  You MUST click "Edit Settings" on this page or you'll have to repeat all the steps over again.  This should give you the option to select additional Facebook pages that your account manages.

    10.  After selecting additional pages and saving, if you still don't see the new pages in Data Studio, you may have to close this second incognito window and open a third incognito window.  Then when you go to add a new data source for the third time, you should see the newly added pages.

    I hope this helps.  I am appalled at the extreme lack of Supermetrics functionality for something extremely simple and common like ADDING A DATA SOURCE but that's where we are I guess.

  • Hi Brad and everyone else,

    thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies that this thread has been left un-answered for a long time.

    There are a couple of "versions" related to this:

    1. Page that I have recently gotten access to doesn't appear in the connector: Facebook Page is Missing From List
    2. Authentication or script errors: Authentication-, HTTP- or Script errors
    3. Cannot add more than 1 Facebook account: With Facebook (any Facebook connector), Facebook doesn't give you an option to login with another account then with the one you're currently logged in. In this case, you'll need to go to facebook.com in your browser, log out, come back to Supermetrics and start the authentication / adding a new account from the beginning.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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