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Google Sheets Add-On Failing

Since this morning (2 October), I haven't been able to refresh any of my queries on Google Sheets. The Supermetrics add-on fails to load whenever I attempt to launch the sidebar as well. 

It displays the 'Working' spinner at the bottom for a good few minutes, before timing out and giving me an error.

I'm running this on the latest version of Chrome with no extensions installed so it can't be the issue. I've tried this on multiple sheets with different queries and all produce the same problem.

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  • Same Issue here :-(

  • I'm having the same issue.

  • Same here

  • Also having this issue, probably an error with Google like previous times

  • same problem, please help us.

  • Now it's working for me

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  • It's solved, just need to refresh the page

  • Still not working :-(

  • Same issue, still not working

  • There is apparently an issue with Google Sheets currently. I am unable to pull anything with the tool. 

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  • Having the same issue. Google Sheets add-on is stalling out when it tries to load. And my YouTube queries are not pulling in. 

  • It's having the same problem again

  • Supermetrics team wrote me back and mentionned "We're currently experiencing some issues with Google Sheets. "

    As well, I am not able to pull anything right now.

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