Data Studio: How to connect via JSON/CSV Connector with API Key

I've come across, but am not entirely sure how to retrieve data from an API endpoint (JSON format) with API key requirement to access the data?

Can anyone give advise on where the key is supposed to be entered in the DS connector interface?


  • Hi M,

    It depends on the API you are using to get the data as they can all have different requirements, but in most cases it's part of the URL request itself.

    For example with Google Books API, you need to put the API key in the URL here:

    If it's part of the URL request, then it's added to the "Source URL or Google Drive path" section:

    And that's it. That's all that is needed to get it to work with this particular API.

    As noted above, each API's requirements may be different, so you have to read their documentation to find out how the key fits into their request, even they even use keys (some don't).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi,

    Is possible to connect syslog server to google-data studio- supermetrics?


    Andres Gonzalez

  • Hi

    SuperMetric can only read lines in vertical json format ?.

    The data source we have has horizontal json format lines when reading this data source Data Studio does not accept it. Is it possible that you read this data source where the lines are horizontal?

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