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Amazon Beta Notes

Hi: Thought I would share some comments on the Amazon connector that is in Beta:

1.  I think this was "designed" for AMS (vendor), but it is also pulling some data from Seller as well. This is great as we use both platforms. However, I see the following Issues:

  • Brand Name does not populate (it is Null). I believe this should be the profile name
  • We have two accounts on Seller Central - One US, One International. The international one doesn't pull all regions just Canada for some reason (we also have FR, DE, UK, ES, IT).  I see that the EU countries have a different URL endpoint to access than US/CA. 

2. AMS has three ad types: Headline, Sponsored, and Product Display. I am not getting any data from Product Display Ads.  Quickly looking this might just not be in the API

It's not quiet usable for reporting purposes yet, but it's close.


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