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When clicking on any permalink brought by the "link to post"  filter, I get an error message from Facebook.

This has been happening for over a week.

Has the way of sharing links changed in FB?

  • Hi,

    thanks for reporting the issue. This is unfortunately a known problem at the moment, and our developers are working on fixing it.

    It seems like facebook is adding some extra parameters to the link "&v=wall" which actually causes the error. A quick work around would be just to remove the "&v=wall" from the url, and the links should work. But we will definitely fix the issue asap.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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  • Dear support,

    I also need the permalink dimension of the Facebook API. 

    Currently only the "Link to promoted post" dimension is available. Unfortunately, this one does not deliver results for all ads. 

    You can see that this dimension is available on Facebook if you click on the "Export & Import" button in the Facebook Ads Manager (rectangle with two horizontal arrows in the opposite direction). Just download a file with currently active ads and you will find the field "Permalink".

    Would it be possible to include this dimension into Supermetrics soon?



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  • Hi Support, is this feature available? Thanks!

  • Hello! this problem still exists, really the developers are still working 2 years ago on this issue? 

  • I also support to be able to download the "permalinks"

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