Wrong data from Google search console connector

 Hi there,

I have a table with these settings:
dimension: search query

metrics: clicks, impressions, CTR, avg. pos
filter: url contains <a term that appears in several urls>

Problem: For some entries in the result table the CTR is totally wrong and the avg position also does not match the data in the search console. Below a screenshot - the line highlighted in red is wrong, all others are ok.  For the red line it is already clear to see that the CTR is totally wrong (5/119 = 4.2%). The comparison with the GSC data further below shows that the avg. position is totally wrong as well.


Here the corresponding data from the Google search console with the relevant line highlighted in green. Note that the ordering is slightly different because lines 4 and 5 have the same number of clicks.


After debugging this a bit I think the problem is the following:
The problematic entry is the only search term in this list where different pages might appear in the search results, all other search terms are linked to only one single page. So when I filter the GSC report by the same url filter and this keyword then I see a list of pages that match the url filter and were shown for this keyword. If I then sum up the CTR and avg. Position in this list then I get exactly the same numbers as in the supermetrics report, but obviously simply adding up data does not make sense here.

So how can I get correct data?

Thanks for any help


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  • Any feedback on this ? I have exactly the same issue. 


  • Any update here? Same issue for me.


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