LinkedIn ads authorisation issue - bug with tokens again

Hi there, I seem to be having the same issue we had 7 months ago:

I tried removing the user and re-authenticating but the issue persists so I feel like you might need to "flush" the tokens for us please.

That's high importance for us as we need access to some LIA data for a client before a meeting on Wednesday.

  • Hi George,

    I can't speak to the original token bug issue, but I do know that LinkedIn now force expires API authentication tokens every 60 days so this error will show up fairly regularly (Expired Token and Authentication Errors for LinkedIn Ads/Pages). However, if you did remove and re-add the user (or re-authenticate per the above instructions), this usually should reset the token for that user. Please check the article to make sure you are doing it the prescribed way for each tool, and note that DS and Sheets tokens are separately handled, even for the same user, so fixing it one product does not fix it in another.

    I deleted the DS version of the authentication tokens we have saved for the account so you can try to log in again.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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