Query failed when pulling FB Ads metrics

Error message:-

Query failed: When splitting by action type, fetch the Actions metric instead of Landing page views.

It initially happened to Link Clicks, tried removing the metrics and now every other metrics also can't get through.

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  • Hi,


    Facebook has deprecated a bunch of fields today and "actions" was one of those affected. Please see this article for the full list of affected metrics and links about the deprecation:

    Deprecated Facebook Ads Metrics 26-07-2018

    We did a fix to work around this (as there's other ways to get total_actions) and it was just deployed. Please close and reopen the sheet and check if that fixed the error. If you are using any other the other deprecated fields, you will have to remove them from the report.

    -Thank you 

    Supermetric Team

  • Hi Team,

    We're facing the same issue while pulling out data for our lead (forms) and cost per lead (forms) 


    Is there any fix for this?



  • I have the same issue.

  • Thanks Jessica!

    Problem solved :)

  • Hi All,

    Glad to hear some reports of it now being fixed!

    If you still saw some issues after my original fix post, we found another problem which has also now been addressed. 

    If you were still getting the "When splitting by action type, fetch the Actions metric instead of <metric>" error, please update/refresh the connector and verify the issue is now completely resolved:

    Sheets - close and reopen the file

    Data Studio - How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

    If you continue to have problems, please send us a private ticket with your details so we can check into it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team

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