Query failed: Invalid start for comparison range:

Hi, please let me know how I should do when I see the following error.

"Query failed: Invalid start for comparison range:"

It occurred when I tried to get Fb ad data. .

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message. What have you set in the Supermetrics sidebar, Date selection panel for Comparison dates? It looks like you may have a faulty value in the Start field in that section.

    Best regards,

    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Thanks for your reply. I just picked up "Last month" for several accounts with some basic metrics.

    As I select the same for Adwords  accounts, it works correctly, but It doesn't in case of Fb...

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear that. It still sounds like you have chosen in the sidebar to have a comparison date range, but the fields are not correctly filled.

    If you could add some screenshots of your query settings in the Supermetrics sidebar, would be very helpful. Also, starting again from scratch to create a new query usually also does the trick.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Hi,¬†

    Sorry bothering you. Solved the problem. I didn't fill in the correct date in a comparison field. Thanks for you help.

  • No problem at all! Glad to hear you solved it.

    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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