Net::ReadTimeout (Net::ReadTimeout) when pulling the data

When doing this API call : metrics=impressions%2Cclicks%2CCTR_perc%2CCPC%2Ccost&dimensions=campaign_group_name%2Ccampaign_name%2Cadsettargeting%2CdestinationURL%2Ccreative_thumbnail_url%2Ccreative_url_tags

Supermetrics is most of the time not able to pull the data.

I tried to rescue the problem handling a timeout error... but it is not working.

Do you have any idea ? 

The only solution I see today is to make this call in 2 or 3 times but it much more difficult to handle and to script....


Weird thing : if I make this query on supermetrics interface then I can do it from my script. 

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