Google Analytics - Missing eCommerce Revenue

Hi guys - we are running some Email campaigns via Iterable.

Was using Supermetrics to pull out numbers on Google Sheets however realized that the Transaction Revenue / Item Revenue numbers do not tally with the view that we have on Google Analytics.

If there's anyone else who faced a similar issue, any advice here would be great!



  • Hi Winston,

    There's been some cases where the Google Analytics UI isn't in alignment with their own API, leading to discrepancies between Supermetrics and GA UI. I'm not sure if this has been resolved yet, but there's an easy way to check for it.

    Please run the same query you are using in Supermetrics using Google's own Query Explorer (which is using the same API we are).

    If you get the same results in the Query Explorer as with Supermetrics, then the issue is with Google and you should reach out to GA support with this data so they can look into why the UI is wrong.

    If you get the same results as the GA UI, then please provide those results in a private response to us so I can escalate to the dev team for investigation/repair.

    There's also some other reasons this can occur than the issue above, so if you haven't seen this article yet, please also take a look:

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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