Semrush data studio connector doesn't work after 27.06.2018


We've purchased a semrush data studio connector and it worked properly, but after 27th we found several updates and tried to implement them. As the result, we got errors for all the reports we tried to do. The ids of errors are always different, here is the list of some pieces:




Interesting thing is that old tables work, but when I try to create new I receive an error.

  • Hi Val,

    Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear about the inconveniences you've been experiencing with SEMrush. 

    Our team has deployed an update on the 27th and the process to login has changed since the last version, so you need to completely revoke access first, afterwards re-add the connector and that should take you through the full process. 

    I will leave below our updated article which provides a step by step guide on the new login process:
    Getting Started - SEMrush

    It should be working fine after following those steps.
    Please let me know if it hasn't, or if you have any further questions or concerns.


    Supermetrics Team

  • Hello Teodora,

    Thanks for the answer. But some of the reports still don't work. 

    I've updated the connection and the most common queries began to work (like organic overview), but reports connected with Paid media and Domain vs Domain, still don't work. They show different erros, for example:

    - for "keyword ads history" and "Paid results for keyword" it shows "Missing or invalid target URL" while there is no field and necessity to insert any url 

    - for other connectors connected with paid media (Competitors, Ads copies) is shows "SEMrush Analytics failure (No results.)", but when I check the same query in Semrush I see results. 

    - also not sure why you added the field "display date", how it works and for what is it needed? Is it mandatory or I can leave the field empty?

    Please help with this, or if I made some mistakes, please create a detailed guide for Semrush connector for Data Studio, as it is quite complicated.


    Best Regards, Val


  • Thanks

  • Also Domain vs Domain connector doesn't work for me, showing a general failure SEMrush Analytics failure (No results.)


  • Hi Val,

    Regarding the  "Paid results for keyword" - this appears to be a bug on our end - when using more than 1 separate word as keyword; we have raised this issue with our dev team so they're looking into fixing it as soon as possible, apologies for the inconveniences.

    Regarding the Ad Copies and Domain vs Domain- I would ask you to please send us the results (full screenshots) which you're getting directly from SEMrush, so we can have a clear view and make a comparison.

    Regarding the "Display rate" - this field was highly requested and it is used for getting historical data for reports, however you can leave it blank, it's optional.

    It would be really helpful if you could send us a full error texts for all of the issues you're experiencing.

    Looking forward to your reply and thank you for your patience in advance.

  • 1) Domain vs Domain - Community connector error: Error: SEMrush Analytics failure (No results.) (Supermetrics request ID: gjsvCjMCvXDZ0IwsRfYJyC5wEa_yROGZ). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

    Screenshot 1 - the query settings

    2) Paid results for keyword - Community connector error: Missing or invalid target URL (Supermetrics request ID: 3tndS4JoqXJbqAFg7WeBLcaOx0m6JvTd). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

    Screenshot 2 - settings

    3) Keyword Ads history - Community connector error: Missing or invalid target URL (Supermetrics request ID: tN47Txh52Ii4vvcslg8Wr97HjoESAP6). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

    Screenshot 3 - settings part 1

    Screenshot 4  - settings part 2

    Please help, maybe I made some mistakes in settings

  • Hello Teodora,

    Do you have any updates on my question?


  • Hi Val,

    Apologies for the belated response.

    I've contacted our dev team and am waiting for a reply from them at this time.

    I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. I assure you we are working around the clock to solve this issue.

    We will make sure to update you once we have a resolution to these issues.


    Supermetrics Team

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