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Hello Supermetrics team,

It has been a long time where we have been waiting for ahrefs integration. It is very essential to my work flow and you have threads requesting it from over a year ago. You stated previously that it is on your roadmap.

Is there any ETA on when this will happen?


  • Hi Moe,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    As you know, we choose the next data sources connectors for development by voting results. Have you participated in the voting at https://support.supermetrics.com/discussions/topics/19000015989 ?

    We keep adding new sources at a fast pace, and you'll receive an update in our monthly newsletter when new sources have been added to Supermetrics.

    p.s. You can also order new data source development from us, however please note that the soonest request for our dev team would be for October.

    We don't have a set date for Ahref as of now, however I do encourage you to vote.


    Supermetrics Team

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