MySQL queries often disappear when clicking modify

When selecting the cell that contains the query, usually from MySQL database and clicking on the modify button the query disappears.

It is not very pleasant to spend time building the query and then if you need a small correction to have to do it again.

I has happened before but now it has become a recurring problem.

Any idea how to work arround this issue?


  • Hi Supermetics team - I have same problem today as Luis. It was always intermittent but since we all came back online after the Google add-on issue yesterday, ALL my database queries are blank. I know they are there, you can see the snippet in the summary window, I can also refresh, but when I modify its blank. 

    @Team - Can we have some information on this issue?

  • Hi!

    Thank you for the reports. We have fixed this issue and it should be released on to the Google Sheets add-on by tomorrow. If you're still experiencing this after closing and re-opening your browser tomorrow, could you please let us know.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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